The Search For The Best Liposuction Alternative

The Search For The Best Liposuction Alternative

Many people have longed for the benefits liposuction has to offer. However, not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery and many still fear its risk level as well as its reported side effects. At the turn of the century, one liposuction alternative arose after another and people have begun to reconsider their beliefs about cosmetic medical procedures.

Before the following liposuction alternatives were brought to light, the only non-surgical approach to getting rid of fat was exercise and dieting. Although these are effective at “taming” the body to manage fat well, they don’t produce results as fast as liposuction does.


Lipodissolve is quickly becoming popular as one of the most inexpensive alternatives to liposuction. Known as “lunchtime lipo”, Lipodissolve is practically an outpatient procedure. Considerably painless, Lipodissolve doesn’t require the use of anesthesia. It involves the injecting the target area with a solution containing fat-dissolving enzymes and medications. Once the fat is dissolved, the body naturally flushes it out through its urine. Reported complications and side effects are very rare.

Because Lipodissolve can be localized, it’s appropriate for those who wish to remove fat deposits in small areas of the body such as the neck and face.


Mesotherapy had already gained widespread popularity in Europe and South America before it was introduced to North America. Similar to Lipodissolve, mesotherapy not only dissolves fat, it also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. During the procedure, tiny injections containing a solution of fat-dissolving amino acids, mild medications and holistic substances are administered on the target area. This procedure is virtually painless because the needles used are so minute, you hardly feel a thing.

VelaSmooth and VelaShape

These are patented procedures that involve the use of IR (infrared) and RF (radiofrequency) waves to break down and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Though these procedures have been tested for their fat-dissolving properties, they are more or less purposed towards cellulite reduction and skin toning, rather than fat removal.


Utilizing a heated laser, this procedure melts unwanted fat and at the same time tightens the collagen in the target area. Thermage is popular for its skin-tightening effect more than the fact that it’s designed to dissolve fat deposits. It’s also gaining popularity as a non-invasive alternative to face lifts. What’s more is that this procedure involves minimal to no pain at all.

Just remember that before undergoing any non surgical alternative to liposuction, it’s important that you consult your doctor first to rule out any allergies and medical conditions that can disqualify you from these procedures.