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Uncategorized Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin E, a fat soluble Vitamin has always been an important part of our daily food plan and now health scientist have confirmed that this Vitamin possesses great Antioxidants attributes. The natural food sources of Vitamin E are almonds, canola oil, peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts and wheat germ and now Vitamin E nutritional supplements are also taking place among the consumers. The international recommended dosage of Vitamin E daily is 1000 international units (IU) and any consumption over this limit can cause certain side effects and reduce the efficiency of Vitamin A, proper intake of it facilitates the body to use and store Vitamin A. However the recommended daily dosage on Vitamin E in nutritional supplement form should not exceed the 400 IU.  Vitamin E reduces the chances of heart diseases and health stroke but only in those who never had any sort of heart problem. Vitamin E also like other antioxidants contributes towards the prevention of cancer in human beings; it also deals with the cellular absorption and metabolism activities.

Rate of deaths caused by heart diseases are increasing with each single day and health experts are trying hard to find any possible sources to reduce the rate and help people; Vitamin E nutritional supplements can contribute well but never forget to intake a moderate quantity.

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Vitamins and Minerals for your Brain…

i have tried focus factor and also tried some choline pills with ginkgo and DMAE in them. I need some supplements to help me in my math class. I used to be able to think so clear and would be able to understand everything just by taking a glance at it and teaching myself. Now I feel like I don’t understand it very well. I can’t think as clear and quick as i used to. I used to be a very quick thinker and now I’m a very slow thinker. What supplements would provide my brain nutrients to help me think? Or any other suggestions? Or any natural supplements to help with depression? I am depressed and I’ve read that depression causes you to think slowly.

“It’s not good to have depression at this important stage of your life.. You have to control this otherwise it will ruin all of your life… There are some tips that can help you to improve your brain performance…

1) You need glucose for your brain to function properly. Glucose provides energy to your brain in other words brain gets energy in form of glucose. Your diet should contain 40% of the foods that contain carbohydrates; these foods are rice, bread, whole meal products and potatoes.

2) Vitamins help the brain cells to perform their operations without any disturbance. Vitamin C is known as thinking vitamin and it is found high in people with high IQ level. A daily glass of kiwi fruit or of fresh grapefruit juice is enough for that day to get the sufficient per day Vitamin C intake.

Vitamin B2 is good for our nerves and it is found in eggs and liver.

3) Minerals like Calcium potassium and sodium play an important role in the proper functionality of the nerves cell and their deficiency declines their performance. Iron is another important mineral whose deficiency makes you lose your concentration and you feel tired and listless.

Though I am not sure why you are losing your concentrations and performance so I would advise you only to get a health balanced diet that provides you all of the above vitamins or you can also go for some good vitamin supplements especially Vitamin B and Vitamin C supplements. Don’t forget to get complete examine to judge exactly what you are lacking in your body… Thanks… Best of Luck…”

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Nutritional Supplement for Diabetes Type II

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