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Today''s installment of "This is Why You''re Single Friday" comes courtesy of my friend Caroline.

This guy apparently graduated from the same university as Caroline and I...though I''m not really sure how.

How the hell did you graduate from [our university]? You can barely string some sentences together to write a paragraph, let alone earn a degree. And no, I will not accept the creepy invitation to your home, although I appreciate the compliment about how my smile "shines your world". I like to think that my smile does in fact shine the world.

For this one, Caroline explained:

My little "tagline" or whatever is a favorite quote by the Dalai Lama, which I figured was at least a little more original than something like "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" or some other BS that people are forced to put into their profiles. I can''t decide if I think this guy is humorous or a douche.

Considering the last line of his profile is apparently "let''s make out," I''m going with douche. Caroline''s thoughts? "Oh wow. Please take me on a date, immediately if not sooner." And in regards to her "insanely kissable cheeks":"seriously...tell me something I don''t already know, guy."

Thanks Caroline, for sharing your stories and showing us that idiot online daters exist everywhere. And for showing me that I am not actually an idiot magnet, as I was beginning to fear.

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