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Make sure that you know specifically what coverage you

are giving up before enrolling in a low cost health insurance

plan. As long as a plan is fully insured and the agent is also

licensed and insured, then it is OK to save money by choosing a

plan that eliminates coverage that you do not need. For example,

if you don’t need maternity coverage or pre-existing condition

coverage, then it is safe to buy a plan that costs only half as

much as a health plan that does include this coverage. Novak emphasizes that these buying guidelines apply to residents

of all states, not just Connecticut. Personal health insurance, Cheap Health Insurance and low cost health insurance rates. Health Insurance Quotes

importantly, though he also receives low cost health insurance

for himself, his wife, and child, something he does not have at

his full-time job. Another friend works part-time at her

favorite restaurant (a chain restaurant) and as per company

policy receives a free meal prior to beginning her shift. These

are just a few of the many fringe benefits available to

part-time moonlighters. The Key to Making the Most of Part-Time Work Benefits

To make the most of a part-time job opportunity it is essential

to ask yourself two questions. Should Insurance Companies Be Outsourcing Your Health Care? In the U.S., health care costs are getting so high that some businesses and insurance companies are starting to eye the potential savings of outsourcing health care.

"Its just one of the many ways in which our world is flattening," said Arnold Milstein, chief physician at New York-based Mercer Health & Benefits whos researching the feasibility of outsourcing medical care for three Fortune 500 corporations. "Many companies see it as a natural extension of the competition theyve faced in other aspects of their business."

Blue Shield of California and Health Net of California is now offering lower-cost policies allowing members to seek medical care in Mexico. Florida-based United Group Programs, which sells self-insurance policies to small businesses, offers a plan that sends patients to Bumrungrad International hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. It says the plan will save employers more than 50 percent on major medical costs and slash employees out-of-pocket expenses to zero.

no insurance companys should not be able to sub-contract you out to other companies because in the end ,or after you have been to your appointment or to your procedure, you will get 3 to 4 different bills from companys that you have never even heard of and payments get messed up and you dont know who has done what, or what they have done and after that, you have that many more bills or payments that come also and you havent seen any of these people.It is just what it sounds like big corporate companys try to save themselves money and costing the tax payers more and using more of our natural resources (trees) that is not necessary, in the end it is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Unless you work for a major hospital, all health care coverage is outsourced. ...m having a problem with my health insurance carrierThey mail forms to me... The Health Insurance company tells me to fill out a coordination of benefits form that they mail to me on every claim. But I never get them and they have my correct address. They say go online and fill this form out. I do that and they still never pay my claims. I call them several times and each time they state they will issue a check to cover the medical procedures that have been billed. But they never pay. I feel they are giving me the run around. What options do I have to get them to pay. I know other are having this same problem. Could a class action law suit be filled against this company for not paying their claims.

You mentioned a ?coordination of benefits.? Do you know what that means? In some cases, a coordination of benefits refers to people who are covered under more than one insurance policy ? married couples who both have insurance through their place of employment, for example. When this occurs, each insurance company decides what they will pay for.

Also, have they actually denied your claim? If so, your insurer is required to tell you why in writing. If you have been denied, then you appeal your claim through your insurance company. If that doesn?t work, then you might want to (links are all in the ?Sources? section):

·Talk to your doctor again and see if there is anything he/she can do. Sometimes simply recoding a procedure and then resubmitting a claim will do the trick.

·If you have insurance through work, contact the Employee Benefits Security Administration

·Talk with local health insurance agents and get new health insurance.

Barnes@MostChoice Go to the Federal main portal. Then go to your state and look up the location for Employees Benefits Security Administration. Call them. My health insurance company lied to me about my benefits? In the summary of benefits my people services manager gave to me when I was deciding on my health care plan, it says that Aetna covers up to 80% on "Contraceptive drugs and devices not obtainable at a pharmacy". Yet when I try to go and get an IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) they say they dont cover it. Whats the deal?

Now why am a paying these people a month from my paycheck?

Anyone here had this happen to you?

you shouls talk to your benefits person at your work and then consult your benefits book that your insurance company gave you, they have for info then most of the customer service ppl do.

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